• Brett Myers

Ugur Imbiss

Above average Döner shop preparing its own pressed Dönerfleisch and baking their own bread. But how far above average is it?


My thoughts:

Ugur Imbiss very well may be the only Döner shop in Berlin that prepares their own “pressed” Dönerfleisch. While I initially assumed it was a craft take on the unmistakable Berliner Döner style, Döner aficionado, Per Meurling, of Berlin Food Stories, has assured me that this style does in fact exist in Turkey, albeit of slightly higher quality.

Interestingly, the meat at Ugur turned a drastically different color than other pressed Dönerfleisch as it cooked and had a slightly different, beefier character. It was salty and fatty in all the right ways and reminded me why I fell in love with Döner Kebap in the first place. The bread, which the Ugur crew bakes in house in a large stone oven, was exceptional and really added a lot, in my opinion. The sauces, however, are where the whole sandwich really lost its moxie. If Ugur’s goal was to add a craft spin on the Berliner Döner Kebap, while upholding its spirit, then they managed to do the latter through their use of saccharine, mayo-based sauces.

All things considered, Ugur Imbiss is an anomaly because of its never-before-seen dedication to preparing its own pressed Dönerfleisch. Their meat, which, in terms of flavor, does not differ radically from most other pressed Dönerfleisch, is bolstered by freshly baked bread but undermined by sweet, mayonnaise-y sauces. While it is unlikely that I would make a special trip to Gesundbrunnen for Ugur’s unique (in Berlin, at least) product, I would consider stopping by again if I found myself in the area.

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